A Fool’s Paradise

Dear, I am here sitting in my room, thinking about your face, the perfectly sculpted piece. My mother once told me how they used to write letters in their times and the process was fascinating in itself. I thought of writing you one, one day, And here I am writing. My dear, I spend my... Continue Reading →


An Airplane

Satwant kaur with her shaky hands packs her bag, slowly puts the jewelry box inside in her bag, which her husband gifted her ages ago. "Ma, hurry up," her daughter, quickly folds the cloths and placed it inside her mother's bag. While Satwant was staring at her daughter's neck, she was wearing a gold necklace.... Continue Reading →


Rubbing her tired eyes with the insides of her palms, her eyes were dry from staring at the ceiling, The alarm buzzed.It was 6 in the morning. Waking up was no longer the pleasure it was. There was a fleeting moment when the she was whole again but it evaporates faster than summer rain off... Continue Reading →

A Digression

“Trees are poems the earth writes upon the sky, we fell them down and turn them into paper, That we may record our emptiness.” So, it’s almost 3 o’ clock in the morning and I haven’t slept yet. Mozart’s soothing piano in my headphones and black coffee at this time, I guess, hardly does any... Continue Reading →

For no one

"For no one." You see the words, please I beg your pardon and read it again, because the words I am showing you is written by that person who just died a week ago. Again. "For no one." I surmise you have read it now. Why and how he died? I’m sorry no one knows... Continue Reading →

Unveiling the veil

That's it I guess. I'm done. Officially.  Do you even know what hating yourself is like ? Damn, I guess its like wearing a used and smelly socks everyday knowing you don't have the alternate of it. Hell, it even gets more worse when everybody keeps on pointing at your insecurities  which are projected at you... Continue Reading →

Welcome ! My new Neighbour

Hi, there 🙂 So, yes, about her, she is always standing at my doorstep but never come inside. She always says its fine and all, even after all my insisting. So, about her, she's good and young. I think she's caring and all. She likes to listen, I did observed that she always talk and... Continue Reading →

To a Distant Friend

I will stop writing when I'll get tired. Right now this is the only thing which is helping me to be with you, even though you're not here, still I feel your warm hands in this chilly room. My words could draw your every gesture which make you beautiful. The more I write, I guess,... Continue Reading →

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