Of an island… far away

Look at that hazy diffused sun And then I turn around to look at you basked in that diffused sun. Look at this crowded bazaar And then I turn around to look at you in the midst of this crowd while the side shop's fragrance of masala and haldi engulfs me. *** There's an island,... Continue Reading →

The Girl In The Meadows

A girl is walking... in the midst of the field... the sun is setting... the last golden rays illuminating her soft body... she's like a swan... a beautiful swan... "And that 'she' is me"? How did you know? "I am always there... in your stories... so its not hard to guess," she smiled,"what is she... Continue Reading →

On Section 377

मुश्किल है इस ज़माने को समझाना बात वो जिसे खुद ही समझते बहुत साल बीत गए हमको समझ नहीं आता था की क्यों हम लोग अलग नजर नहीं आते है तो फिर क्यों हमसे लोग दूर ही रहना चाहते है किताबों में हमारा ज़िक्र जरुर होता है पर ज़माने में कोई वजूद नहीं मिलता है... Continue Reading →

Pooh and Piglet

Yes, you remember Pooh naa. Those childhood days, we sat glued to television watching the show, that immense happiness to be in the world of Pooh. I loved Piglet. His closest friend. *** I am having the worst hit of headache right now. Door's locked. Light's off. Head under the pillow. A loud cry for... Continue Reading →

I Don’t Know…

You and I. I wonder, are we supposed to be together ? I guess not. Time. It does terrible things to you, doesn't it ? I wonder, did we had a chance to say goodbye to each other ? I guess not. I wonder, did I lost my way before even meeting you ? before... Continue Reading →

This *she*

She. No, this *she* is not virtual. This *she* exists. This *she* is beautiful. Even this word holds no meaning when it actually comes to describe her. BUT this *she* is beautiful. *she* does not cares and judge you. This *she* will hold you, listen to you, and understand you. For that you will learn... Continue Reading →

That Madman

Exactly what are you afraid of ? That I won't be here ? Yes. I am here. Even if I am not... I am so close, You'll find me. *What should I say to her now?* To feel you. To touch you. To look at your eyes. To run my fingers on your coal black... Continue Reading →

Cold Dark Corner

No intention, No motivation, Nothing. Someone dear to him advised him to start from a monologue. But the question is why ? Why we have to do anything in the first place? why he have to write ? Maybe he'll find his answers some day. Never been this aimless and hopeless he is now. Never... Continue Reading →


I am here... again. Yes... Again! With the pen and whiskey in my hand . Thinking about your chubby cheeks and those pencil shaped eyebrows. I know I shouldn't be thinking about you, naked. But what should I do? This hopeless writer... has failed everyone. He can't live on someone's hope of right and wrong... Continue Reading →

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