A tale of a forlorn writer

Jo kuch b uljha hai chalo use suljhate hainPaas aao ek baar mohabbat samjhate hainK vaade na chahiye tumse laakhKal kisi aur k sath tumhe dekh kar na bharengi meri ankhK teri khushi hi meri abadi haiJo kuch b uljha hai use suljhate hainAao paas mere mohabbat smjhate hn-written by someone who's always there in... Continue Reading →


The Fly…

Coughs. Swollen eyes. Frail skin. You hate my body now asked she. resting her head on the pillow I looked at her. Ran my fingers through her hairs. ever looked at the dry trees asked I... one could not stop imagining about them that once they had leaves on them and even admire them as... Continue Reading →

The saint…

*going through the tunnel* Nothing but the darkness leading us through to where ? no one knew. Nothing but silence leading us through to where ? the words didn't knew. *a light* Look, ahead there's someone, standing, holding a torch. Now... Everything but darkness there was none. it was leading through to where ? to... Continue Reading →


You said once that you used to write poetry but now you don't You say that you want to be a poem now, not a poet. My muse... Stop wandering on the streets at night. Stop looking yourself in others for that you're perfect on your own, sublimely. Naked. You stand beside the window looking... Continue Reading →

Are you ready for a close up?

He always loved noir films, those black and white, villainous. He even imagined in black and white. But who knew that he could go to this extent... He had Achromatopsia... you probably don't know what it means... He see only in grey... this colorful world is void of colors for him... engulfed in total darkness.... Continue Reading →

and she…

*that night in the tavern* A loud burst of laughter and the clinking of the glass. "What do you look in girls ?" the voice asked. "What is there to look for?" said I. "The girl must be beautiful?" the other one asked. "What is beautiful?" asked I. Their scornful eyes told me clearly that... Continue Reading →


"Hi," I turned around,"Oh, Hey!" "So, how are you? How's life?" "Everything's good," I replied looking at her. She was not changed, at all,"Err... how are things with you?" "Great," she smiled,"Why are you looking at me like that?" Why shouldn't I? I mean this girl who just showed up here after like years and... Continue Reading →


Words pounding, coming at all sides... "You're alone you know" , "no one cares what you're going through" "you see anyone here with you?" "They'll be better off without you" Closing my eyes trying to fight.. these demons inside, with all my might.. Delusions come forth, these demons are playing hard.. a gun appears before... Continue Reading →


"Where the hell were you this whole time ?" He didn't replied. He kept shifting his gaze. "Atleast look at me?" "Just go. Let me be alone," I stepped back. "No, can you stay?" "Yeah," I took him by his hands and we both sat on the bench. Silence. He didn't said anything. He kept... Continue Reading →

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